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Mgt and Diplomacy

Diplomats need to know a certain amount, but there should be no trace of erudition or pedantry in what they know, and their knowledge should agreeably surprise and perhaps impress those with whom they are speaking, but never embarrass, offend or shame them.

WITH the end of the cold war, the high level of certainty and predictability in international and national decision-making environments has been replaced with dynamic international relations and constant fluctuation. Multipolarity, combined with globalization and increased radical national and religious movements, has made the

AS part of efforts aimed at ensuring that the upcoming generation embraces African culture and traditions, a nongovernmental organization, Igbo Ga Adi Foundation used the opportunity of the 2014 International Day of the African Child to project Igbo culture and tradition for the benefit of the younger generation many of whom have been influenced by borrowed cultures and ways of life. The group in conjunction with IFMA Initiative & Irene Menakaya Schools played host to the 2014 ' Day of

ECONOMIC diplomacy is a form of diplomacy. Economic diplomacy is the use of the full spectrum economic tools of the state to achieve its national interest. Economic diplomacy includes all the economic activities, including but not limited to export, import, investment, lending, aid, free trade agreements etc.
Economic diplomacy is concerned with economic policy issues, e.g. work of delegations at standard setting organizations such as World Trade Organization

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