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THE world in which public diplomacy was considered as one of the leftovers of diplomatic dialogue is rapidly disappearing. So is the world in which public diplomacy can easily be dismissed as an attempt at manipulation of foreign publics. In order to understand the new public diplomacy properly, it is neither helpful to hang on to past images of diplomacy (still prevailing in much diplomatic studies' literature), nor is it advisable to make a forward projection of historical practices into the present

THE idea of diplomatic representation has had problems throughout the life of the modern diplomatic system. If Michel Foucault was right, medieval thought accepted the idea of direct correspondence, one-for-one, far more readily than we do today. The medieval ambassador represented his sovereign in the sense that he was him or

CONSEQUENTLY, if any Governor vacated his mandate to join another political party, agreeing on the fake principles of where he has defected from, he should leave the position given to him with the party, PPA, CPC, ANPP, PDP, or APC. It will be a Judicial malfunction to find the ruling otherwise. The issue of personal proclivity in

AS anxiety mounts over the abduction of over 100 schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State; on Monday, April 14, 2014, making the UNICEF to get worried about lack of protection of children in Nigeria; and the uncivilized blood bath at the Nyanya Bus station, some Nigerian leaders have upturned the security issue into a political soccer

ONE of the most interesting element of the current Nigeria political gridlock is the defection fever which has gripped the country's political gamut as the man at the epicentre is not realizing  the 'amazing disgrace' he is causing the country with his assertive political distraction. Sometimes successes cordon some people's sense of

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