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YET another study, by the same US research team, links raised risk of heart attack and stroke to the action of gut bacteria on certain compounds contained in digested food. This time the link is to a compound found in eggs: lecithin.

Earlier this month, researchers reported in Nature Medicine how they found L-carnitine, a compound found in red meat and added to energy drinks, can increase heart risk because gut bacteria digest it to produce trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO), a metabolite already suspected of helping to clog up arteries.

Now in another study, published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, Stanley Hazen, of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, and colleagues, add more evidence to the growing pile that shows at least where heart disease is concerned, gut bacteria play an important role in the link between diet and health.

Hazen, who is section head of Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation in the Miller Family Heart and Vascular Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, says in a statement:

"We need to find new pathways to attack heart disease, and these findings strongly suggest that further research into the involvement of gut microbiome in the development of cardiovascular disease could lead to new avenues of prevention and treatment of heart disease."
Source: Medical News Today

DEEP male voices and high-pitched female voices are perceived as more attractive because listeners gauge the speaker`s body size from the frequency of their voice, according to a new research.
Studies of animals and birds reveal that listeners can perceive a caller`s body size and intension based on the frequency, voice quality and formant spacing of a call.

For example, low frequency growls are more likely to indicate larger body size, dominance or a potential attack, while higher frequency and pure-tone-like sounds suggest smaller size, submissiveness and fear.

Yi Xu from University College London and colleagues tested whether a similar principle applied to human vocal attractiveness by asking male volunteers to listen to a female voice that was systematically altered for pitch, voice quality and formant spacing to signal a smaller body size.

Female listeners heard a male voice that had been similarly altered to indicate a larger body size.

The researchers concluded that despite the development of complex language, human vocal interactions still employ certain animal instincts.
Source: Zee News

SEMEN allergy can make sex unbearable for about women, who may experience symptoms like swelling, burning and hives. Jonathan Bernstein, MD, an allergy and immunology expert at University of Cincinnati said semen allergies also known as Seminal plasma hypersensitivity are "not common like asthma, but more than people realize.”

This type of allergy is usually treated by identifying which of the proteins in the man`s semen are causing the woman`s allergic reaction, then using a desensitization process to build up tolerance.
According to, a site that is maintained by Bernstein, people suffering from seminal plasma hypersensitivity may experience any or all of the following symptoms up to 60 minutes after intercourse: hives, soft tissue swelling, chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezing, diarrhea, dizziness or loss of consciousness.

More common causes of skin and tissue irritation from sex include sensitivity to latex in condoms or the chemicals used in spermicides, lubricants or other personal care products.

Source: Zee News

AUTISM risk may be spotted at birth by examining placentas for abnormalities, new research suggests.
"We can look at the placenta at birth and determine the chance of being at risk for autism with extremely high reliability," said Dr. Harvey Kliman, a research scientist at Yale University.
One of 88 U.S. children has an autism spectrum disorder, the umbrella name for complex brain development disorders marked by problems with social interaction and communication, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The earlier autism is treated, the better the outcome. But children typically aren't diagnosed until behavioral symptoms begin, perhaps at age 2 or 3 years, or even later. Kliman said the children identified as at risk at birth might benefit from early treatment.

During pregnancy, the placenta keeps the unborn baby's blood supply separate from the mother's while providing the baby with oxygen and nutrients. At delivery, the placenta, also called the afterbirth, follows the baby out of the womb.
"There were no [placentas from pregnancies not at risk] that had more than two of the folds," Kliman said.
The study only predicted risk of autism, however, not actual autism. The researchers will continue to follow the children.
Source: Web MD

EVERY food that we eat has different nutritional value in our body. While some foods can do wonder in shedding those unwanted fats, some of them can help you add those much-needed pounds in no time. Here are some foods that you should avoid while on a diet:

Sugar:Sugar is the main culprit that makes you fat. Sugar contains corn syrup, maltose, lactose, fructose, sucrose, brown sugar, honey and molasses  in fact all of these can be bad for your health and weight as well.

Rice Cakes: Like any other snack food, rice cakes can give you a tempting feeling as it does feel you up and you can end up eating the whole bag. Rice cakes are very high on the glycemic index although they are low in calories.

White Rice: Due to its high glycemic carbs content which stimulates your appetite, it can make you hungrier and thus making you to eat more.

Soda: Soda does not keep you full for long. It is packed with calories and contains no vitamins or minerals. Instead of drinking soda, drink water which will keep you full without any calories.

Candy: Candy is not different from Soda which is loaded with calories, but has no or little vitamins, minerals or fibre.

Alcohol: Alcohol should be avoided at all cost when you are on a diet. It is a sugar and has no nutritional value.

Fast Food: Fast food, which is loaded with extra calories, can cause a decrease in your overall level of health and nutrition by eating often.
Besides, you should munch on a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats high in fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep your appetite under control.

Source: Zee News

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